Accessible Shower Designs That Promote Aging in Place in Your Boston Area Home

Homeowners who plan to keep living in their current homes as they age into their senior years may need to redesign the bathrooms and showers in the house. Here are some important factors that influence accessible shower designs when remodeling a shower area for older clients:

Contemporary Bathroom by Van Nuys Kitchen & Bath Designers One Week Bath, Inc.
  • Use as much space as possible – A larger overall footprint for the bathroom area is much easier for seniors who may have mobility limitations or vision problems. Install larger shower doors that are easy to enter and exit. Place larger floor tile sections to provide an even, level surface that won’t interfere with wheelchairs or walkers.
  • Ensure the entire bathroom is usable – Shower entries with no barrier and handicap accessible bathtubs provide easier reach for those with mobility issues of any kind.
  • Place shower controls outside of water range – Shower controls should be put near the shower entry and outside the range of the water to keep users from getting wet when turning on the water.
  • Provide plenty of lighting – Ensure adequate lighting for the entire bathroom area to help with navigation and to keep elderly users safe from falls, bumps or other accidents.
  • Install an alarm or notification system – Put in an emergency alarm system or panic button that can be activated in case of a fall or accident in the shower. Include a pull chain or other system that ensures the alarm can be activated from a prone position on the shower floor.

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