The process of building requires a lot of give and take. And a lot of listening. Creating a home may be one the most significant and personal experiences you’ll ever have. Making sure you get what you want without getting overwhelmed by all the details is our job. And we work extra hard to make it enjoyable. At Sage, you have options. Come to us with a plan, and we’ll build it for you. Come to us with an idea, and we’ll develop it with you (then build it for you). Come to us with a problem, and we’ll design a solution (then develop it with you and build it for you). Our services fall into three main categories: Design-Build Services, Construction Services, and Consulting Services.

Design-Build Services

Today, many of our clients are choosing an integrated solution to their remodeling needs known as design-build. As its name implies, design-build merges both design and construction into a single, seamless process that is managed from start to finish by Sage Builders. The process offers several key advantages: Cost and time savings – Working as a unified team, our designers and builders can often anticipate and avoid the kinds of glitches that often bust both budgets and schedules. Predictability – Dealing with construction issues and costs during the design phase of a project means fewer unpleasant surprises as work proceeds – and helps ensure that the design will be faithfully maintained throughout the construction process. Flexibility – On-the-fly adjustments are quicker and easier when design and construction functions live under the same roof, both during the design and construction phases. Simplicity and Continuity – The client deals with a single project coordinator from the first meeting through the end of construction.

Construction Services

Sage is more than happy to work with clients who come to us with plans in hand, and has a long history of productive collaborations with outside architects and designers. Our standard construction practices include: Detailed budgets and scheduling – Advanced programs and systems keep both clients and staff up to date and informed throughout the construction process. State of the art techniques and materials – We continually learn and apply the latest technology to ensure the highest quality construction practices possible. Environmentally responsible practices – We believe in providing clients with energy efficient, “healthy home” options. Many of these building methods are beneficial for the environment and offer significant long-term cost savings for homeowners. Project-manager field leadership and executive project management – Each construction project is managed start to finish, by a designated Project Manager who serves as a consistent link between client, field and office. Highest quality and business standards – Sage has built long-standing relationships with expert tradesmen and vendors. We ensure you get the best job for the best value. Detailed accounting and communication – Clients are an integral part of the construction team. We understand the importance of regular financial reviews, project meetings, and in-depth reporting. The bottom line: We approach every project we undertake with a fierce commitment to quality, customer service, and client satisfaction.

Consulting Services

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