The Sage Approach

For more than a decade, Sage has been working with clients to make design and construction decisions that share our concern for the stewardship of our natural resources. Truly “green” building must focus on energy efficiency and durability. We understand the importance of insulation and air sealing to reduce heating and cooling demands and costs. In addition, high efficiency HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment and lighting programs, moisture management, and performance testing during construction are all part of our integrated, comprehensive approach to creating a comfortable, healthy home with reduced energy demands. Of course we are keenly interested in ensuring that you are optimizing the use of your built environment. And once we have insulated and air sealed your house, and developed a complimentary, “right-sized” HVAC system, we will explore renewable energy options.

When it comes to energy, we can also work backwards. For example, if you want to really have an impact on the environment, we can work with you to develop an “energy budget”. Then to make that budget work, we will develop an integrated design to achieve the necessary energy conservation improvements. There are many factors that can fall under the “green” umbrella – product selections, design considerations, building techniques. At Sage, we apply a sustainable building perspective to every aspect of a project. We guide clients to select an approach that most meets their desired outcome.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Understand and listen to our client’s concerns, goals and objectives.
  • Develop a design and construction team with expertise matching our clients’ needs.
  • Collaborate with our clients to achieve the optimal balance of aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, durability, and comfort.
  • Optimize space planning to minimize the size of additions and ensure efficient utilization of existing built environment.
  • Understand your existing house…how it works and where it leaks energy. We will use a blower door test and infrared thermography to feel and see where your house has holes. We’ll also review your heating and air conditioning equipment to understand their energy efficiency. We can even provide an energy audit and help you understand how your home’s energy use compares to others.
  • Review of project energy goals from minor remedies and opportunistic improvements to deep energy retrofits that may save 50% or more energy relative to a new, code compliant house. We’ll even explore European energy standards like Passive House and renewable energy opportunities.
  • Prioritize energy efficiency improvements to help you get the most impact for the dollar.
  • Review cost savings opportunities, including incentives, rebates, tax credits, and special financing options.
  • Develop and implement the energy efficiency measures that the team identifies, including careful quality control to ensure the predicted performance.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff have completed hundreds of hours of coursework and in-field training. They are experts in the fine details of construction – the details that ensure superior air-sealing and insulating, roof flashing, or a myriad of other techniques – that extend the healthy usefulness of our structures. A truly sustainable approach – that’s the Sage difference. Visit these sites to learn more.