The 14-Point Checklist of Considerations Before Any Bathroom Renovation

Before starting on a bathroom renovation, assess how the following 14 points may affect the renovation.

Beach Style Bathroom by Coronado Design-Build Firms Flagg Coastal Homes
  1. Budget: How much will you be able to spend on the renovation?
  2. Time frame: How long will it take to complete the renovation? Can you be without the bathroom for that long?
  3. Contractor: Make sure your contractor is qualified and experienced with bathroom renovation work.
  4. Project sequence: Carefully planning the sequence of the project can save time and effort in preparation, execution, and clean-up.
  5. Connecting design with functionality: A beautifully designed bathroom must also be functional. Have you balanced these two factors?
  6. Available space: Take careful measurements to ensure the fixtures will fit in the available space and that plumbing and electrical systems can be easily accessed.
  7. Unexpected problems: Have you planned for addressing any unexpected problems after work begins?
  8. Fixtures and design elements: Renovate, repair, or replace fixtures, mirrors, door handles, and shower doors.
  9. Cabinets and shelving: Carefully plan the placement of cabinets, shelving, and other storage areas to take best advantage of bathroom dimensions.
  10. Walls and flooring: Install flooring and walls that resist moisture and provide a long-lasting, non-slip surface.
  11. Lighting: Ensure plenty of lighting for both safety and convenience. Use natural lighting where possible.
  12. Accessories and supplies: Add new towels, bath mats, towel racks, soap dishes, and other details to improve the overall feel of the renovation.
  13. Ventilation: Install a ventilation fan that will provide plenty of fresh air to reduce the effects of moisture, such as mold growth or structural damage.
  14. Environmental friendliness: You can choose money-saving “green” options for your bathroom renovation, such as low-flow toilets, recycled glass surfaces, or water-saving showerheads.

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