Accommodating Wheelchairs in a Kitchen Redesign for Your Suburban Boston Home

Anyone who relies on a wheelchair for mobility will benefit both physically and psychologically from having easy access in the kitchen. In many cases, the kitchen is one of those areas where wheelchair accessibility is lacking. Accommodating wheelchairs in a kitchen redesign can be easily done with some planning and knowledge about what’s needed.

Contemporary Kitchen by Portland Design-Build Firms Square Deal Remodeling Co.
  • Placement of countertops, cooking surfaces, sinks, refrigerators, and related elements: All appliances, food preparation areas, and other surfaces used by a standing person should be lowered to a height appropriate for someone in a wheelchair. Kitchen redesign should additionally keep these elements as close together as possible within an L-shaped pattern.
  • Height and angles of cabinets: Cabinets should be at heights and angles that make them easy to reach from a wheelchair. Ensure that the user can reach the full depth of the cabinet, or install roller drawers that allow the shelves to be pulled forward. Upper shelves should be reachable with an accessibility device used for picking up items.
  • Turning space: There should be plenty of open space in the kitchen for movement and turning of the wheelchair without risk of hitting cabinets, shelves, appliances, or other items. A turning radius of five feet or more will usually be sufficient.
  • Under-sink space: Provide enough space for the wheelchair user to be able to roll far enough under the sink to use it properly. There should be room for the wheelchair user to easily put his legs beneath the sink and easily reach into the sink and up to the faucets and handles.
  • Refrigerator type: Install a side-by-side refrigerator for easier access by a wheelchair user.

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