Consider How You Will Use Work Zones When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen work zones are those areas where the major tasks of food preparation and cooking take place. Sinks, counters, cooktops, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers—all can be considered part of the rooms work zones. Traditional kitchen design has long called for placing the most important work zones in a triangle-shaped area no more than nine feet apart. Modern kitchen design, which often includes open floor plans or universal design concepts, make the placement of work zones more flexible. When planning your kitchen renovation, keep in mind the following options for installing the room’s work zones.

Kitchen Renovation, Work Zones
Traditional Kitchen by Boston General Contractors Sage Builders LLC
  • Consolidate appliances and fixtures according to use: Keep equipment and appliances used for similar tasks close together. Ovens and cooktops should be next to each other if possible. Put sinks, dishwashers and trash receptacles in a zone of their own.
  • Add appropriate storage: Each work zone should have appropriate storage for the items and supplies used most often in that area. Vegetable preparation areas, for example, should have all the necessary knives, graters and other tools within easy reach.
  • Put landing areas near cooking equipment: A landing area is an open countertop near a stove or oven where hot dishes or kettles can be placed quickly. Make sure there are landing areas beside your major cooking appliances.
  • Add more aisle space: When designing your kitchen layout, allow plenty of room within the aisles between equipment. Aisles of 48 to 54 inches provide good amounts of space to move around in while still maintaining efficiency of movement for multiple cooks or kitchen occupants.

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