Keep an Open Mind to Open Floor Plan Kitchen Design

open floor plan kitchen
Sage Builders Inc.

Choosing an open floor plan kitchen gives you the opportunity to make the space roomier, more usable, and better integrated with the rest of your home’s layout. The entire space will seem more open and easier to move in, with more room for other design features or practical additions.

When adding an open floor plan kitchen, remember that design elements should create continuity between the kitchen space and the surrounding areas. This could be accomplished by using consistent colors between the kitchen and the adjoining rooms, or by using similar carpets, wallpaper, area rugs, or other components. Don’t go for an exact match; there should be some differences so that the rooms retain some individual character. However, creating some visual harmony among the areas will create a pleasing design for your home.

Some other elements you could include in an open floor plan kitchen include:

  • Dual kitchen islands: A two-island kitchen, with corresponding refrigerators, cooking surfaces, and sinks, could work well if your kitchen is a popular, well-used gathering space.
  • Additional dining areas: The open floor plan will naturally make more space for additional dining tables and chairs.
  • Increased storage: An open floor plan provides more room for additional countertops, cabinets, and storage areas.
  • Natural lighting: Natural lighting can be directed into the kitchen from all sides of the home, creating warm and comforting look.
  • Single-wall design: An open floor plan can work very well with all appliances and equipment lined up against a single wall of the kitchen area.

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