Before the General Contractor Begins Your Kitchen Renovation, Take These Steps to Prep

preparing for kitchen renovationsA kitchen renovation can result in a practical and beautiful addition to your home, but the renovation process itself can be a significant disruption to your usual home routine. Before work begins, take these steps to make things easier on both you and your contractor.

  • Improve convenience: Remove as much as you can from the kitchen area to make it easier for the contractor to move and work. At the same time, make sure you keep necessary items like utensils, coffee cups, coffee maker, dishes and the microwave oven where you can find them easily. Put other items in boxes and store them in an area away from the kitchen.
  • Improve home security: With people coming in and out of your house, possibly during times you’re not there, your home could become an easier target for crime. Make sure small valuable items have been secured elsewhere. Consider installing a programmable lock on the entrance doors the contractors will use. Share the combination only with contractor employees who need the information, then change the combination when the project is finished.
  • Boost home safety: Remember that a remodeling project can be dangerous, so take steps to improve safety for you, your children and your pets. Put up child screens or other barriers to keep kids away from the construction. Use similar gates to make sure pets can’t get to the kitchen during remodeling. If your pets are timid or unfriendly to strangers, it may be best to house them in a pet boarding establishment until the remodel is finished.

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