Adding New Cabinets to Your Newton Area Kitchen? First Decide on the Best Style

Kitchen cabinets not only serve the practical purpose of giving you storage space, but they also contribute directly to the room’s visual appeal and aesthetics. If you’re in the market for new cabinets, evaluate the various kitchen cabinet styles available to give this room the atmosphere you want.

kitchen cabinetsConsiderations for Choosing a New Cabinet Style

  • Cabinet doors – Cabinet doors are the first visual element that’s presented. Choose a door style that fits well with the overall style and decor of the kitchen. Shaker style with handles, flat doors or inset doors are all popular choices.
  • Cabinet material – Wood is a common choice for cabinets, but sometimes a different material choice can add a stunning visual element to your kitchen. Consider using glass cabinets that will let the contents of the cabinet be seen and, at the same time, produce a more open and airy atmosphere.
  • Accessory doors – Door styles beyond the usual swing-open type can increase usable kitchen space and give the area a unique look. Ask your designer or contractor about the benefits of swing-up doors, corner drawers and pocket doors.
  • Combination cabinet styles – A combination of cabinet styles can make a strong visual statement, like a combination of stainless steel and wood.
  • Open cabinets or shelving – Open cabinet styles and shelving give you plenty of storage space, improve access to kitchen equipment, and offer another option for increasing the spacious feel of a kitchen.
  • Countertop hutches – Instead of cabinets, consider a countertop hutch with glass, or glass and wood doors. A hutch provides a perfect space for showcasing finer dishware.

Sage Builders LLC, a general contractor in Newton, MA, assists residential clients with expert kitchen design and renovation services. Contact us today for more information on kitchen cabinet styles and for professional help choosing the style that will best complement in your home.

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