6 Dos and Don’ts That Make Kitchen Design Work for You

Your kitchen is perhaps the most functional space in your home, but kitchen design doesn’t have to be all about practical matters. Here are six kitchen design dos and don’ts that will create a usable kitchen space that is attractive and unique to you.

  1. kitchen designBe creative: A boring kitchen may be functional, but it won’t be interesting. Include at least one design feature that will bring an element of fun or excitement to your kitchen.
  2. Use all available cabinet space: When designing your new kitchen, take advantage of all the room you have. Consider designing cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling. This gives you substantially more storage space and, with glass-front cabinet doors, a greater sense of openness in the kitchen environment.
  3. Don’t overdo it: Practice some restraint when it comes to adding loads of features or design elements to your kitchen. Overdone design will ultimately make a kitchen look unattractive and could waste space that should be devoted to practical matters.
  4. Use cabinets as concealers: Some appliances in your kitchen could be hidden behind cabinet-style doors. This can provide visual consistency that prevents, for example, a metal appliance from interfering with a design that uses lots of wood.
  5. Leave some space: Don’t pack every wall in the kitchen with cabinets or storage areas. This will create some breathing room that improves kitchen aesthetics.
  6. Include countertops around ovens: Wall-mounted ovens should have a countertop added nearby to provide a work zone to prepare dishes for the oven or a place to put them when they are done.

For more kitchen design dos and don’ts that will help you design a functional but beautiful kitchen, contact Sage Builders LLC. We proudly serve Boston-area residential customers with expert design/build, renovation and consulting services.

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