Add a Wine Cellar to Your Massachusetts Home for Connoisseur Status

wine cellarIf you’re a wine connoisseur with the dream of adding a wine cellar to your home, don’t despair. The design/build professionals at Sage Builders LLC can help make your dream a reality. Here are some key points that should be considered when adding a wine cellar to your home:

  • Space – If your collection is around 200 bottles, you can get by with a wine room as small as 30 square feet. You will also want an adjacent room that you can exhaust air into, which should be approximately the same size.
  • Location – The ideal location will be in an area without any sunlight. Basements or interior walls work perfectly.
  • Lighting – Lights are the biggest temperature variant in a wine room. Even so, the experts at Sage Builders LLC will be able to build a wine room that can hold accurate temperatures and humidity. Adding low-heat LED lights will help keep the temperature as constant as possible.
  • Display – An important decision that you will need to make is how your collection is displayed. Whether it’s racks or bulk storage, you’ll need to determine the best way to have all of your bottles arranged in the wine cellar. There are pre-made options available, but the best is a custom design that can showcase every portion of your wine collection.

For more information on adding a wine cellar to your Boston area home, contact Sage Builders LLC.

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