Smart Glass Keeps Homes Cooler & Comfortable During the Summer

When a homeowner wants to keep sunlight out of the house, the traditional solution has been to pull the drapes or close the blinds. An amazing new eco-friendly home technology has the potential to eliminate the need for drapes and blinds while providing the ability to keep out almost all sunlight and associated heat. Here is a brief introduction to smart glass and how it can be used in residential settings:



What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is a new technology that offers users the ability to make window glass darker or lighter as desired. It uses a specially designed insert or coating that grows darker when low-level electrical power is applied to it. When electrical power is turned off, the glass brightens and lets sunlight in. Depending on the amount of electricity applied, smart glass can also blur, become completely opaque, or darken slowly.

Smart Glass Applications

Depending on the type of smart glass in use, it can block heat, sunlight, or both. This means that smart glass can prevent heat gain inside your home, which will reduce cooling costs and reduce wear on your cooling system. In the winter, you can have as much heat gain as you want to boost indoor heating.

The amount of electricity needed to power smart glass is minimal, usually much less than that required to power a single light bulb.

Smart glass has been more common in commercial applications, largely because of its cost, but it is gradually making its way into residential use.

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