Preparing for Home Renovations? Make Sure You Know What to Expect

Preparing for home renovations
Sage Builders LLC

Preparing for home renovations starts long before the crew arrives. Your house is a home. However, for the period of time you’re remodeling or renovating, it will also be a work site. It’s critical that the people coming and going are competent construction professionals who respect your living spaces. At Sage Builders LLC, we’ve built a reputation for integrity in the community through positive customer interaction and quality remodeling work.  Not everyone calling themselves a contractor fits that profile.

Preparing for home renovations that will occupy your personal space and time means making sure ground rules are established at the pre-construction meeting. Here are just a few guidelines for that conversation:

  • Identify who will be the contractor’s daily on-site contact for all decision-making.
  • Agree on what time daily work will begin and end. Consider not only your own family but your neighbor’s peace of mind, too.
  • Establish what areas of the home are off-limits to workers. Be specific.
  • Inform the contractor of any existing alarm systems and agree on a plan regarding who will disarm alarms.
  • Let the contractor know how you plan to keep children and pets out of the work area and exactly who to notify immediately if they stray into the zone.
  • Where on the property should the contractor’s dumpster be placed?
  • Will utility services such as water or power be interrupted at any time during the project?  What’s the anticipated duration of these outages?

From the first rough sketch to the completed project, Sage Builders LLC provides design/build services for Boston-area homeowners. Let us take the X-factors out of the experience and make preparing for home renovations the first step to a successful remodel.

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