5 Natural Materials Worth Incorporating Into Your Home Design

Designing a home takes careful planning, especially when it comes to choosing materials. The materials you use have to stand the test of time–and critics. Luckily, there are several natural materials available that fit the bill.

Here are five natural materials worth incorporating into your home design:

natural materials

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  • Wood siding: Homeowners tend to shy away from wood siding because they fear it will be an ongoing maintenance nightmare. That’s not true. With proper installation, well-finished wood can stand the test of time and with no more maintenance than other exterior materials.
  • Wood decking: Just as wood siding requires proper installation methods, so does wood decking. When working with the construction team at Sage Builders LLC, you can be sure to have a wood deck with incredible longevity. You’ll also enjoy the beauty that comes with naturally aged, weathered wood boards.
  • Quarried stone: For your interior counters, quarried stone such as granite or limestone add visual depth that cannot be attained with laminates or other synthetic materials.
  • Copper: Aging like a fine wine, copper will continue to add aesthetic depth as the years go by. Stainless steel and aluminum can’t touch copper fixtures for this unique quality.
  • Sunlight: Natural daylight is an intangible household quality that everyone will appreciate in the house. Make sure to incorporate natural light wherever possible. During cooler weather, natural sunlight can also help warm your home.

Contact Sage Builders LLC for a more in-depth look at how natural home design materials can be incorporated into your next building or renovation project.

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