Having Your Home Remodeled? These Tips Will Help You Survive the Process

Having your home remodeled takes a very personal part of your life — your everyday living spaces and environment — and opens it up to the influence and actions of a lot of people who start out as total strangers.

If the project’s a success, by the time it’s over you’ll all be on good terms and maybe even have bonded as joint participants in achieving a positive goal. If not, it may seem like the longest weeks of your life.

having your home remodeled, Boston, Massachusetts
Sage Builders LLC, Boston, Massachusetts

Getting through the process can be eased by careful project management and staying focused on the end result: an enhanced home environment for your family.  At Sage Builders LLC, our design/ build approach integrates all aspects of  home remodeling into a seamless, managed project from start to finish. Continuity and predictability overcome upheaval and confusion. A single project manager and a dedicated construction team mean simplicity and an ongoing sense of control for the homeowner.

Here are a few other ideas for getting from here to there:

  • Prepare for some inconvenience. It comes with the territory. Consider creative options like relocating normal activities such as cooking and dining to less hectic parts of the house.
  • Designate a noise- and construction-free zone somewhere in the home that is a 24/7 sanctuary from the remodeling.
  • Take precautions against migrating dust. Seal doorways and stairs, stop circulating air when sanding is underway and change HVAC filters twice as often as usual.
  • Think of remodeling your home as a great adventure. Celebrate the completion of each phase and plan a big wrap party for the end of the project.

Sage Builders LLC. provides Boston area homeowners with residential renovations and additions. Let us explain how we make having your home remodeled a rewarding experience from design to finished project.

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