Green Homes Grabbing Hold in the Real Estate Market

As more home buyers recognize the benefits of green homes, these energy-efficient structures are becoming more and more popular in the residential real estate market. Green homes and real estate professionals are forging an ongoing partnership that benefits everyone involved in the transaction.

Green homes are residential structures that are designed to be highly energy efficient, reducing energy usage and slashing monthly energy costs. They are usually well insulated, well sealed, and outfitted with the most recent high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Green homes often incorporate renewable energy features as well as energy-saving elements. Solar panels, for example, are popular features of a green home. These panels allow homeowners to generate most or all of the energy they need from the sunlight that naturally falls on their homes.

In the Boston area, real estate professionals are seeing a high demand for green homes, both for their money-saving features and for their environmentally beneficial characteristics. High-efficiency retrofits of existing homes are common, as are new construction that takes advantage of green concepts and features from the beginning of the structure’s functional life.

Real estate professionals will benefit from understanding the connections between green homes and real estate and how the market works for those looking for high-efficiency sustainable residences. For example, industry sources report that homes with solar power installations typically sell for a substantial premium over homes without solar energy generating equipment. Both home sellers and real estate agents will see better financial return on green homes when they’re sold.

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