Energy Efficiency Can Factor Into Any Home Renovation Project

Many homeowners today are becoming more interested in energy efficiency, both for its environmental appeal and for the substantial savings it can provide on monthly energy expenses. Here are some ways you can combine energy efficiency and home renovation during your next renovation project.


  • Replace current appliances with energy-efficient models: Energy Star-certified appliances are certified by the government to be as efficient as possible. Use these types of appliances in your kitchen remodel.
  • Install low-flow fixtures: Low-flow faucets and aerators will reduce the amount of hot water used, but they still provide plenty of water for necessary tasks in the kitchen.
  • Use an induction range:  Induction ranges use significantly less energy than traditional gas or electric cooking stoves.


  • Install low-flow fixtures: Again, low-flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets can decrease the amount of water used to save energy.
  • Use a non-standard toilet: You could also install a different type of toilet, such as a composting toilet or dual-flush model.


  • Increase insulation: Add more insulation to the walls, ceilings, floors, and other areas of the home. Insulation resists the flow of heat and can significantly cut energy bills.
  • Install new lighting: Put in low-energy LED lighting or replace current incandescent bulbs with CFL lighting.
  • Put in efficient windows: Install high-efficiency windows that are well-sealed and have energy-saving features such as low-e glass, double-pane construction, or internal blinds to block sunlight.
  • Improve seal: Make sure any potential air leaks in the structure of your home are well sealed with caulking or other appropriate material.

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Photo via Sage Builders LLC