Clerestory Windows: What They Are and How They Help With Energy Savings

If you’re looking at remodeling your existing home, or building a new home in the Boston area, clerestory windows are a great idea to provide additional sunlight throughout the day. By working with the professional design/build team at Sage Builders LLC, you can be assured that your window choices will provide ample light and keep your energy usage at a minimum.

Clerestory (pronounced “clear story”) windows originated in Egyptian temples and Christian churches. Although the technology varies vastly from the windows used today, the premise was the same. Holes or windows were created on the upper level of the building to cast light on fixtures below and illuminate the entire room.

Clerestory Windows
Image by FINNE Architects via Houzz

The use of clerestory windows in your Massachusetts home will have a two-fold impact. Aside from the daylight provided by the windows, they also create a very energy efficient setting. Since you won’t need artificial light for your activities during daylight hours, you’ll see a reduction in your electricity bills.

The other energy benefit of clerestory windows is their use in temperature management. By placing them on the north wall of your home, you’ll allow light in without significant heat. On the south side, the windows will allow direct sunlight to both warm and light the area.

If you want the best of both worlds, consider including a roof overhang in your plans. It will block the direct sunlight during the summer, keeping your house cooler but still fully lit. In the winter, the lower position of the sun will both warm and light your house. Couple this energy efficient design with sustainable building practices to be the most environmentally conscious house on the block.

For more information on clerestory windows, or other issues related to energy efficient building design, contact the experts at Sage Builders LLC today.

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