Using Green Building Materials? What It Really Means to Go Green in Home Construction

No matter what color they may be, not all building materials are green building materials. Environmental consciousness is an increasing priority in most industries today, and construction is no exception. At Sage Builders LLC, we’re focused on a design/build process that brings the best in legitimately green building materials and construction methods to your renovation. The good news is that in addition to a diminished environmental impact, these constituents are often of higher quality and deliver longer service life.

green home construction
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Truly green construction is associated with long-term energy savings, too. While the “green” in green building materials may sometimes be in the eye of the beholder, certain established, verifiable standards distinguish environmentally-sound products:.

  • Green materials are evaluated by their impact over the entire life of the material, not just a single use in the current application.
  • Wooden construction materials that meet green standards are those that are quickly renewable and sourced from forests that meet independent criteria, such as those set by the Forest Stewardship Council for harvesting and replanting.
  • Materials typically display properties such as high moisture resistance to prevent the growth of biohazards such as mold. They’re not treated with toxic substances like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may later infiltrate the home and cause health issues.
  • Green materials may be both recycled and recyclable. Materials made from industrial remains or salvaged from demolished structures can be effectively reused. Additionally, they can be integrated into a project in a manner that supports dismantling and recycling in the future.
  • Where possible, green materials are locally available and can be transferred to the construction site with a minimum of energy consumption.

Sage Builders LLC partners with clients on environmentally sound design/build renovations and additions in west Boston. Let us incorporate the benefits of authentic green building materials in your project.

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