Choose Non-Toxic Building Materials to Create a Human-Friendly Massachusetts Home

The materials you choose for your Massachusetts home can have a significant effect on your health. Many types of construction materials, from plywood to paints, contain chemicals and toxins that can be released into the indoor environment. When these substances enter your home, the indoor air quality is reduced and potentially harmful results can occur. As you plan home construction or a renovation project, look for non-toxic building materials that will make your living spaces more pleasant, comfortable and better for you.

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  • Use natural materials – In general, natural materials that haven’t been substantially processed provide the best non-toxic options for building dwellings. This can include natural lumber, clay plaster, straw bales and mortar. Natural materials do not contain glues, coatings or processing chemicals that can release toxic gases, such as formaldehyde.
  • Be careful of green claims – Sometimes building materials that are called “green” may not be non-toxic. They can still contain harmful chemical substances, especially if these substances are included in proprietary or trade-secret processes. Carefully evaluate the claims made by manufacturers and check the contents of building materials thoroughly.
  • Choose recycled materials whenever possible – Instead of new building material that may contain potentially harmful chemicals, use recycled materials. This ensures that your home has fewer sources of gases and chemicals while boosting the environment (and possibly lowering costs) through reuse of serviceable items and components. Commonly recycled materials includes glass tiles, kitchen countertops, lumber, carpet, insulation, drywall and steel. Check product labels to see how much recycled material new items contain.

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