Building Green in 2015? Consider the Benefits of Flex Rooms

building greenPlanning a green construction or renovation project often involves deciding the best way to make use of available space. As a component of building green, flex rooms give you options for creating an indoor living space that can be easily altered or converted to new uses, depending on your needs, budget and interests.

A flex room is usually an additional room in your home that originally has no immediately designated purpose, such as a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Flex rooms typically do not start out with closets, and can range in size from very small to large and expansive. In most cases, flex rooms are found on the ground floor of a residential structure.

The major advantage of flex rooms are that they can be changed and converted to new uses quickly, easily and with minimal investments of time, materials, money and energy. Flex rooms provide a green option for this space since it can be switched to a new use quickly and easily, often by simply changing the furnishings contained in the room.

For example, a flex room might begin life as a storage area for your home. If a shift in lifestyle makes it necessary to revise the use of that space, the room could be turned into a:

  • Bedroom
  • Children’s playroom
  • Home office or workroom
  • Library or reading room
  • Sewing or hobby room
  • Computer or homework room
  • Television room or home theater.

Looking to explore the benefits of building green for your next home construction or renovation project? Sage Builders LLC, a general contractor in Newton, MA, can help you make your project as green and energy efficient as possible. Contact us today for more information on building green, flex rooms and the benefits of having an indoor space that can be adapted for multiple uses.

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