Building a New Green Home in 2015? 5 Tips to Maximize and Streamline the Project

Building a Green HomeIf you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of building a green home in the Boston area, Sage Builders LLC can help. Consider these five helpful tips for streamlining a green home construction project.

5 Tips for Building a Green Home

  1. Hire a professional – An experienced architect or design/build services firm understands energy efficient residential design and how to maximize long-term energy savings. This means a smaller carbon footprint and reduced energy costs for you long-term
  2. Build smaller – Smaller homes are easier to heat and cool and use less energy in general. This means increased home comfort and reduced energy costs for years to come. Plus, smaller homes are less expensive to build, so you save on upfront expenditures as well.
  3. Use no-cost efficiency measures – Find ways to incorporate no-cost efficiency measures into your design. For example, the orientation of your home can affect how much solar heat gain will be at your disposal during the winter. Another example would be the location and size of your windows. The more you can take advantage of no-cost natural energy resources, the less you’ll spend on energy year-round.
  4. Build in areas that already have resources – Infill lots and existing neighborhoods will already have many of the infrastructure resources you need, such as water and sewer utilities.
  5. Research and prioritize – Research the different types of green features available, then make a priority list differentiating between what you consider optional and must-have features. Focus on features that cost little initially but make a big difference later, such as improved insulation and air sealing.

Sage Builders LLC is a specialist in sustainable design and build construction and renovation services for residential clients in the Newton, MA, area. Contact us today for more information on green home construction.

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