How Smart Home Technology Improves Energy Efficiency in Greater Boston Homes

smart home technologyAs technology continues to advance, the equipment used to monitor your home and control its functions also becomes more sophisticated. Using smart home technology, energy efficiency can be significantly improved with accompanying boosts in home comfort and reductions in monthly energy costs. Here are some ways smart home technology can help.

  • Smart thermostats: Smart thermostats are a primary element of smart home technology. They let you control the operation of heating and cooling systems to a very precise level. For example, you can use pre-programmed or adjusted set points to shut off HVAC equipment when it’s not needed, then turn it back on automatically before you return home. This means that the equipment isn’t running unnecessarily, which boosts efficiency and savings.
  • Smart appliances: Smart appliances can be programmed to run at night or during other times when energy rates are at their lowest. Some can monitor rates and automatically turn on when they’ll operate at their most efficient.
  • Online, smartphone and long-distance controls: Some models of smart thermostats can be set online or using a smartphone app. Other types of long-distance controls let you turn your home’s lights off and on, lock and unlock doors, and track the status of your home’s temperature and indoor environment.
  • Smart monitoring: Online, cloud-based or smartphone based services can help you monitor your home energy usage. They can show when your energy usage is highest and what appliances and devices are using the most energy.

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