Playing Facebook’s Power House Game Leads to Subconscious Energy Savings, Study Shows

Many of Facebook’s games may be considered harmless, entertaining time-wasters. However, a more recent game on the social media platform has the potential to increase players’ awareness of energy efficiency and subconsciously lead them to make better energy usage choices, a recent study shows.

energy savingsA research study published in the January 2015 issue of Environment and Behavior indicates that players of an online strategy game named Power House showed an increase in energy-efficient behavior immediately after playing, both in a laboratory environment and in their own homes.

Power House centers on a family of four living in a four-story house. The goal of the game is to successfully guide the family members through their daily activities using as little electrical power as possible.

In their virtual home, the family takes care of routine chores, such as laundry, cooking, making coffee, watching television, and taking care of personal needs. Players must turn off appliances and lights and practice energy conservation to keep the game moving.

Obstacles include the inability to move through a room where the lights aren’t on or where the shades aren’t open to let light in. If too much energy is used at the same time, the home’s circuit breaker will trip.

Though the game may sound easy, it offers significant challenges, especially as the game progresses and more characters begin interacting with the house and using energy.

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