How a Professional Thermographic Scan Shows Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

thermographic scanBefore you can optimize home energy efficiency,  you have to track down the weak points in your home’s envelope. Sage Builders LLC can help pinpoint energy leaks using a thermographic scan.

A thermographic scan helps identify areas of your home that require additional insulation.  Scans of interior walls indicate where heat is escaping by showing the temperature differences across the walls. A scan of insulation in ceilings/attic floors can also be helpful in spotting roof leaks, as wet insulation conducts heat faster than dry insulation.

The thermographic scan is often coupled with a blower door test, which helps to locate air leaks in the building envelope. A well sealed house will have minimal escaping air. With a blower door test, the technician will be able to determine whether the heat loss is due to poor air sealing or inadequate insulation levels, based upon the pattern of the thermographic image.

After completing the thermographic scan, Sage Builders LLC can help you determine the best course of action. You can rest easy knowing that the improvements to your home will be sustainable in both construction materials and methods, and will help you achieve greater energy efficiency.

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