Increase Your Living Space by Moving Outdoors — Add an Inviting Deck or Patio

Once merely a postscript to home design, outdoor living spaces are now as much a part of the overall theme of the home as the indoor spaces.

Advances in technology now bring inside entertainment and conveniences outside as televisions, fully equipped bars and outdoor kitchens are incorporated into plans for decks and patios. Use of construction materials like Lexan roof structures to shelter a patio and low-maintenance composite decking materials make the outdoor living space more than just a single-season experience.

outdoor living spaces, Newton, Massachusetts
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A patio is a layout of stone, brick or concrete on flat ground, while a deck is an elevated structure of wood or composite members that may be built above uneven terrain. Decks create a more clearly delineated outdoor living space with definite borders while patios extend into the natural environment with a less limited feel.

The choice of a patio or deck may be a function of variables such as topography or purely a matter or choice. Issues that influence the selection process include:

  • Cooking and dining options – A patio’s the best match for a full-featured, built-in grill.
  • Pets – Is keeping pets and children inside an enclosed outdoor area a priority?  Decks perform that function more effectively and without the alterations required by an open patio.
  • Environmental considerations – Where flying pests like mosquitoes are an issue, take a look at a variety of designs for both patios and decks and discuss with your contractor the most suitable configuration for screening in some or all of the outdoor area.
  • Special features – Patios can support the weight of additions like hot tubs and spas without design compromises.

Sage Builders LLC provides unified design and construction services for additions and renovations in the Boston area. Contact us for more information about creative options for outdoor living spaces.

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