Working Universal Design Elements into Your Boston Area Home for Optimal Accessibility

universal design elementsWhen working with the experienced design/build team at Sage Builders LLC, you’ll find it quite easy to employ universal design aspects to your Boston area home. Whether you’re remodeling or building your home anew, here are some universal design elements that you and the professionals will incorporate into the design:

  • A bathroom on the main floor – Having at least a half bath accessible without navigating stairs will make your home fully accessible to any guests or inhabitants with limited mobility. Make sure the bathroom has enough space in it to close the door comfortably with a walker or wheelchair inside.
  • Doors at least 32 inches wide – Just like the bathroom, every door in your Boston home should have at minimum 32 inches of unobstructed width to allow for walkers and wheelchairs. The design professionals at Sage Builders LLC can help you make sure the doors won’t be hindered by corners or other design features in your home.
  • An entrance without steps – Even if your main entrance has a step up, make sure to include at least one other entrance that can be accessed from either the driveway or a sidewalk without any stairs. While ramps will get the job done, if you can manage to create a sloping walkway to blend with the landscape around it, you’ll have a much more natural look.
  • An open floor plan – Along with wider hallways and doors, consider incorporating open design concepts in your Boston home. By completely eliminating walls and other materials, you’ll not only make your home more accessible, but it will be more sustainable during construction, and you’ll have less construction waste to deal with.

For more expert advice about universal design, or any other design/build questions, contact the experts at Sage Builders LLC today!

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