Incorporate a Roof Overhang to Curb Energy Cost & Usage

Passive cooling offers homeowners many effective ways to cut cooling costs and reduce energy usage while still maintaining excellent home comfort. One of the most effective techniques of passive cooling recommended by Sage Builders involves shading your windows against sunlight. You can provide substantial amounts of shading by adding roof overhangs and materials to your home.

Effects of Sunlight

When sunlight comes through your windows, it increases the temperature inside your home. In winter this can be a benefit, but in summer, heat gain from sunlight decreases the comfort level of your living environment. Additional heat can also make your cooling system work harder than necessary, increasing your energy bills and adding extra wear and tear to your HVAC equipment.

Roof Overhangs and Materials

In combination with other passive cooling techniques, roof overhangs can significantly reduce cooling costs and improve indoor comfort.

  • Visual appeal: Roof overhangs can increase the visual appeal of your home. As an architectural feature, they can be an impressive addition to the building’s structure.
  • Solar panels: Some roof overhang projects incorporate solar panels that generate electrical power for use in the home. Since the overhangs are intended to shield the windows from sunlight, they will receive plenty of light for power generation.
  • Cool roofs: You can choose a white-colored material for your roof overhang to increase the cooling effect. White roofs reflect sunlight away from your home, which helps keep the interior cooler. Painting roofs with a white or reflective coating material can have the same effect.

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