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Study Shows Owners of Green Homes Highly Satisfied, Would Purchase Another

Increased energy efficiency, improvements in home comfort, and reductions in monthly energy expenses are often cited as major reasons for building a green home. But what do residents actually think about these homes once they’ve lived in them? A new industry survey provides some answers to that question, indicating that those who have experienced the benefits of a green home are highly satisfied with their choice.

Green Homes


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Choose Non-Toxic Building Materials to Create a Human-Friendly Massachusetts Home

The materials you choose for your Massachusetts home can have a significant effect on your health. Many types of construction materials, from plywood to paints, contain chemicals and toxins that can be released into the indoor environment. When these substances enter your home, the indoor air quality is reduced and potentially harmful results can occur. As you plan home construction or a renovation project, look for non-toxic building materials that will make your living spaces more pleasant, comfortable and better for you. (more…)

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Using Space Wisely Within Your Home’s Existing Footprint

Maintaining a comfortable indoor living area sometimes feels like it requires making do with limited space. While the physical realities of your home’s existing structure can’t be denied, Sage Builders LLC can suggest ways of using space wisely that let you acquire more room, improve comfort and enhance design without broadening the footprint of your home. An effective revision of your indoor spaces will be more sustainable and better for the local environment than adding on to your home. (more…)

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