Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures? Eco-Friendly Options to Consider

Choosing water-conserving bathroom fixtures is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom’s performance and make your home more environmentally friendly overall. At Sage Builders LLC, we can help you find high-performance fixtures that not only reduce your impact on the environment but also lower your utility bills.

bathroom fixtures, Newton, Massachusetts


A WaterSense-qualified faucet will reduce your sink’s water flow by as much as 30 percent. Note that to become WaterSense-qualified, water-saving fixtures must also perform as well as standard models.

Shower heads

WaterSense-labeled shower heads use water at a rate no higher than 2.0 gpm, compared to the 2.5 gpm the average shower head uses. Because they conserve hot water, they’ll also reduce your energy consumption.


If you enjoy long soaks, look for a tub with a capacity of less than 60 gallons.


Toilets account for around 30 percent of the average home’s water use, so selecting the right model is critical for the eco-friendly home. Choosing a WaterSense-qualified model will reduce your water consumption by 20 percent compared to average models. Additional options include:

  • Dual-flush toilets: These models offer two flush options—a full flush (1.6 gallons) for solid matter and a reduced flush (0.8 gallons) for liquid matter.
  • Pressure-assist toilets: The use of compressed air to increase flushing power allows these toilets to operate with less water than average.
  • Gray water toilets: To prevent the unnecessary waste of fresh water, a gray water toilet routes water from household use, such as from your bathroom sink or bathtub, for use in the toilet tank.
  • Composting toilets: Requiring little to no water, these toilets direct waste into a composter in the basement or crawlspace. The resulting compost can be applied to decorative plants.

To start enjoying the benefits of these eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, contact us at Sage Builders LLC and begin your bathroom upgrade today.

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