You’ve Got Eco-Friendly Sink Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’re looking to update your bathroom, consider eco-friendly sinks instead of a more typical model. Not only will you be reducing your environmental footprint, you’ll also have a sink that’s much more visually unique than the more common options found in bathrooms today.

Here are just a few eco-friendly sinks that you can choose from:

Image by Aria Design Inc via Houzz
  • Cement-based sink – You can have your concrete sink cast in place, thereby allowing you to create a unique installation. Use recycled aggregates such as coal fly ash, glass or porcelain. Be sure to check the source of the cement, as some cement products use less energy than others in their production.
  • A salvaged sink – Using salvaged materials for your sink is akin to recycling. You can pretty much use any object that’s shaped like a bowl as long as you can drill a hole at the bottom. Not to mention the beautiful look you can create in your bathroom, using a unique choice such as a salvaged cast-metal basin for your sink.
  • Recycled aluminum sink – Aluminum products, such as beer or soda cans, get used all the time. So why not pick up a recycled aluminum sink to ensure that the recycling process doesn’t go to waste? An aluminum sink will also provide a sleek look that’s perfect for a modern style bathroom.
  • Recycled glass sink – Introduce a touch of elegance into your bathroom design by installing a recycled glass sink. Glass sinks provide both class and simplicity, making them easy to use in almost any type of bathroom design.

Installing eco-friendly sinks in your remodeled bathroom is just one way you can make a green impact. For more information about designing your remodel in suburban Boston, contact Sage Builders LLC today.

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