There’s More to Good Building Design Than Creating a Beautiful Space

The word “design” suggests beauty, pleasing aesthetics and an elegant combination of shape and function. Good building design will have these characteristics while also accommodating practical elements that make a structure functional, useful and beautiful.

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston General Contractors Sage Builders LLC
  • Good building design meets the objectives of the homeowner: A home should be designed to reflect and enhance the activities of its inhabitants. Quality design incorporates the client’s wants and needs with professional design and construction knowledge in the most effective, efficient way.
  • Good building design incorporates nature: Natural lighting has been shown to be more beneficial than artificial lighting. Rooms that provide large amounts of natural lighting can be more pleasant to be in, and lighting itself can affect moods, including boosting creativity and contributing to a relaxing environment. Landscaping, small gardens and similar areas can provide a soothing and energizing connection to nature.
  • Good building design incorporates practical features: A well-designed home will have practical features that accommodate people of all ages and abilities. The concepts of universal design make it easy for all to enter and live in the structure, travel from place to place throughout the home, and perform intended tasks in all rooms.

In Boston, Sage Builders LLC provides design, construction and consulting services for customers who appreciate good building design. Contact us today for more information on incorporating both aesthetic and practical features into your new building.

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