7 Universal Design Ideas to Work Into Your Home Renovation

If you’re planning renovations to your home, consider expanding the project to incorporate universal design ideas. Universal design will make your home more comfortable and easy to navigate, especially if you’re still living there in later years

Midcentury Kitchen by Seattle Architects & Building Designers ROM architecture studio

Here are seven universal design ideas that can be useful now and in the future:

  1. Install grab bars and rails in the bathroom: Grab bars and rails make it easier for individuals with mobility issues to use showers and toilets.
  2. Incorporate taller toilets: Install toilets with seats about 16 to 17 inches above the floor. This allows for easier transfer to and from wheelchairs.
  3. Raise base kitchen cabinets and counters: Revise the kitchen cabinets and counter areas to allow for easier access without bending. Make sure there’s enough room for wheelchair footrests or for easy roll-up access to counter surfaces.
  4. Ensure plenty of space for movement: Make sure the kitchen allows enough open space—at least a five-foot radius—for easy turning and movement of wheelchairs or mobility-assisting devices.
  5. Provide plenty of light: In kitchens and other areas where tasks will be performed, make sure there’s plenty of light to illuminate work surfaces and prevent creation of dark corners or hard-to-see areas.
  6. Use accessible handles, fixtures and other devices: Use lever-style door handles that are easier to grasp. Install faucets and plumbing fixtures that use similar lever-style handles instead of harder-to-turn knobs.
  7. Install ADA-compliant appliances: Look for appliances that are certified compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA-compliant devices are easier to use and are designed to be accessible for people with mobility or functional limitations.

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