The Future of Home Design: The Zero Net Energy Home (ZNE)

For many new homeowners, energy conservation and sustainability are two of the more important elements they want in their residence. For these clients, the zero net energy (ZNE) home can provide the energy savings they want while still creating an elegant, comfortable residential setting.

What are Zero Net Energy Homes?

A zero net energy home is a residence that consumes only as much energy as it can produce using renewable energy techniques and equipment. A ZNE home does not use electrical power from the local energy grid. ZNE homes typically use solar power installations as a major source of energy generation, but they also incorporate other sustainable technologies and energy conservation measures that significantly affect energy consumption.

Sustaining a Zero Net Energy Home

Some areas of the country, such as California, have fully embraced the concept of the zero net energy home. As the concept continues to spread across the country, homeowners in other areas of the country will find ways to sustain a ZNE home. These can include:

  • Installing high-efficiency HVAC systems: High-efficiency heating and cooling systems can significantly reduce energy demands while keeping a home comfortable in all seasons.
  • Installing efficient windows: Installing double-pane or triple-pane windows can reduce air leaks around windows while decrease energy requirements.
  • Using programmable thermostats: Programmable thermostats and other control technologies allow you to precisely control the operation of your heating and cooling system.
  • Reducing overall energy waste: Power strips, timers, motion sensors, and other technologies can shut off energy-consuming equipment and lights when not in use.

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