Important Home Maintenance Tasks NO Boston Area Homeowner Should Ignore

Among the many responsibilities of home ownership is keeping up maintenance on the structure and its systems to make sure everything works right when needed. Here are some of the more important home maintenance tasks you should be prepared to tend to when you own your residence.home maintenance

  • Maintain HVAC systems: Your heating and cooling system requires regular maintenance to provide appropriate seasonal temperature control. You should schedule professional maintenance of furnaces and air conditioners at least once a year, usually in the spring for cooling equipment and in the fall for heating equipment. You should also take care of minor maintenance such as changing air filters in the HVAC system. Filters clean your indoor air, and routine filter maintenance will help improve HVAC system performance and efficiency. Check filters every month and change them when they get dirty.
  • Clean drainage system: Check gutters and downspouts to make sure these important drainage systems are clean, clear of blockages, and in good repair. Remove leaves, sticks, dirt, and other items from the gutters.
  • Clean your home’s exterior: An annual washing of your home’s exterior can help prolong the life of both wood and vinyl siding. Cleaning will also improve your home’s visual appeal.
  • Seal air and energy leaks: Improve your home’s energy efficiency and the performance of your HVAC equipment by finding and sealing holes, cracks, gaps, and openings where air and energy can escape. Use latex or silicone caulking to seal smaller openings. Apply weatherstripping around the edges of doors and windows to stop drafts.

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