What Renewable Energy Options Are Available for Newton MA Homes?

renewable energyAmong the many green construction options available for Newton MA homes, renewable energy is one important piece of an overall approach to reducing energy use and saving money. By using renewable energy sources in your new or existing home, you’ll save money while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of energy production by large utility companies. Here are three of the more common renewable energy options.

  1. Solar power: Solar power systems convert energy from sunshine into electricity. They rely on a large grid of photoelectric panels placed on the roof or other flat surface to collect sunshine. The system then turns that sun power into electricity. Solar power systems are becoming less expensive and more efficient, making them an increasingly attractive option for homeowners
  2. Wind power: Wind turbines are viable options in areas that receive a significant amount of wind. These devices spin when the wind hits them, creating electrical energy. They can slash consumption of electrical power from local utilities by as much as 90 percent. A wind turbine should be installed on land plots of one acre or larger. Consult with your contractor for help determining your electricity needs and complying with local regulations.
  3. Geothermal: This renewable energy source harnesses the natural heat found below the earth’s surface and uses it to heat and cool structures across the world. A geothermal heat pump includes either horizontal or vertical loops, depending on the nature of available land, that are placed in the earth or a nearby water source. A fluid circulating within these pipes is used to transfer heat from one place to another. This clean energy source is consistent and reliable — an important factor for Boston area homeowners.

Sage Builders LLC, a general contractor in Newton MA, provides expert residential design, construction, and renovation, with an emphasis on sustainable methods and materials. Contact us today for more information on renewable energy and for professional advice on incorporating renewable energy features in your new or existing home.

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