How Does Using Solar Power Help Massachusetts Homeowners Save Money?

 save money using solar powerSolar power is a plentiful, readily available, and low-cost energy resource for homeowners in Massachusetts. Here are some ways this consistently renewable energy source can help keep your home comfortable and save you money.

  • Solar power can reduce or eliminate electric bills: By using electrical power produced by solar energy, you can slash your electricity costs by a significant percentage. Depending on the cost of electricity in your geographical area, you may even be able to  eliminate your electric bills completely by using solar energy. In addition, you may be able to sell any extra electrical power generated back to your utility company.
  • Solar power installations can boost home values: A home with a solar power system in place can easily be more valuable than one without. Solar-equipped homes tend to sell much faster, sometimes twice as fast, as homes without solar equipment. You can expect a solar-equipped home to appreciate in value faster than a home without solar installed.
  • Solar power qualifies you for federal tax credits: When installing a solar power system in your home, you’ll qualify for substantial renewable energy tax credits provided by the federal government. Federal tax credits currently amount to 30 percent of the cost of the solar equipment and installation, with no limit on the total amount of the credit. The solar equipment must be installed before the end of 2016. There may also state or local programs that could reduce the cost of your investment in solar power.

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