Indoor Air Quality: A Major Variable in Maintaining a Healthy Home

Indoor air quality has a significant effect on the comfort level inside your home. In addition, it can also influence the health of everyone who spends time there. Here are some ways you can improve indoor air quality and make your house a healthy home.

indoor air quality

Practice Source Control

Improve indoor air quality by keeping potential contaminants out of your home. How can you do that? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Limit the use of strong chemical cleaners and related substances with harsh odors, or choose milder and more environmentally-friendly options.
  • Look for and use low-VOC products and material that have been certified as containing low levels of pollutants.
  • Don’t smoke inside the home.
  • Store paints, solvents, varnishes and similar material in tightly-sealed containers placed in areas away from HVAC air return registers.
  • Limit indoor activities such as painting, sanding, varnishing and soldering.

Clean Regularly

A cleaner home will have significantly less indoor air pollution. Be sure to:

  • Wash pillows, sheets and other bedding weekly.
  • Take off shoes and leave them near the door.
  • Dust shelving and vacuum carpets at least weekly.
  • Use high-efficiency vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration for thorough cleaning.

Control Moisture and Ventilation

Reduce indoor moisture levels and increase fresh air circulation to boost indoor air quality by:

  • Keeping indoor areas dry to prevent the growth of mold.
  • Repairing water leaks or cleaning up spills immediately.
  • Opening doors and windows, when temperatures permit, to improve air circulation.
  • Installing a whole-house ventilation system to boost air filtration.
  • Making sure HVAC air filters are checked monthly and changed regularly.

Ensure proper venting of furnaces, fireplaces, appliances and other equipment that produces exhaust fumes.

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