A Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for Newton MA Homeowners

fall home maintenanceAs the seasons change, it’s time to take care of fall home maintenance. Here’s a brief checklist of maintenance tasks that should be performed as the weather gets cooler and moves toward winter.

  • Check the heating system: Contact your local trusted HVAC professional for preventive maintenance on your home heating system. Preventive maintenance keeps the furnace or heat pump working at its best, sustains its efficiency, and decreases the chance of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Have safety checks performed on fuel-burning furnaces: Ask the HVAC technician to test the fuel-burning furnace for carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that’s generated by burning fuel for heat. The pro should test the furnace’s pilot light, system controls, and fuel lines.
  • Change the air filter: Make sure to check the air filter monthly and replace it with a clean filter as soon as dirt begins accumulating. Dirty filters can impede airflow and lead to breakdowns and malfunctions.
  • Clean the gutters: Clear gutters of accumulations of leaves, sticks, dirt, and other objects that can prevent drainage and encourage ice dams. Make sure gutters are securely attached and there’s no damage to roof shingles.
  • Clean ducts, vents and registers: Make sure the HVAC system’s ductwork, vents and registers are clean and dust-free. Move furniture, boxes or other items to ensure vents and registers aren’t blocked.
  • Seal and insulate: Seal gaps, cracks and openings where warm air could escape your home. Caulk around window and door frames, window glass, and window and door casings. Put weatherstripping around doors and add additional insulation where needed throughout your home.

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