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Replacing an Older HVAC System With a More Efficient Option Benefits the Entire Home

Residential HVAC systems are designed to provide years of reliable service. An unfortunate side effect of this longevity is that much of the heating and cooling equipment currently in operation includes older, lower-efficiency systems. Replacing your existing furnace, air conditioner or heat pump with a newer efficient HVAC system can have many benefits that will be obvious throughout your home.HVAC system (more…)

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How Space Planning Complements Residential Design

When approaching the design of a residential structure, the needs of the occupants are an important consideration. Space planning allows for careful arrangement of interior spaces, such as the placement of furniture, architectural features and design elements, to produce a functional, appealing indoor environment. It lets the designer accommodate residents’ needs while also allowing flexibility for future changes. Space planning and residential design combine to create homes that can comfortably serve their occupants for years. (more…)

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