Planning a Kitchen Renovation for Your Newton Area Home? 5 Layout Options to Consider

kitchen layoutA kitchen renovation gives you the chance to revise and rearrange your kitchen spaces in a way that best suits both your aesthetic requirements and your preferred work patterns. The following five styles are common kitchen layout options to consider:

  1. Essential work triangle: This kitchen layout stresses the traditional work triangle of stove, sink and refrigerator. It maximizes access to and ease of movement between these three critical components of an efficient kitchen.
  2. Corridor design: Also known as galley design, this kitchen renovation style is useful in situations where space is at a minimum. It arranges the kitchen so that the sink is on one side of the kitchen with the range and refrigerator on the other. A corridor runs between the two areas, reminiscent of a galley on a sailing ship.
  3. Zone design: A zone design separates the kitchen space sufficiently for multiple persons to use the kitchen at once. It typically includes a separate work zone dedicated to food preparation and cooking. There could also be an individual bar or island for eating.
  4. L-Shape design: An L-shaped kitchen arranges sink, stove and refrigerator in an L-shaped area against the wall. The sink and main cabinets are placed on the long side of the L, and the refrigerator and oven, with additional cabinets, on the short side. This type of design creates a space that isolates the work area.
  5. U-Shape design: A U-shaped design uses a work island in the middle of the kitchen space to create an easily traveled U-shaped corridor. This design provides considerable amounts of counter and cabinet space.

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