A 4-Step Process to Ensure Your Kitchen Renovation Turns Out Just as You Envision

The kitchen renovation process can turn the most functional room of your home into an efficient, inviting space that gives you, your family and visitors much joy. Apply the following four-step process to make sure renovations proceed smoothly, efficiently and professionally.

kitchen renovationChoose a Reliable Contractor

Find a reliable and competent contractor for your renovations. Ask friends, family and colleagues for references to contractors they recommend. Get references from those contractors and call them for a report on the contractors’ work. Visit a current worksite, if possible, to observe the contractor and crew in action. Be willing to wait for an opening in the schedule of the best contractor for your needs.

Create a Practical Layout

When meeting with the contractor to plan your renovation, include a blueprint or drawing of your current kitchen layout. Include your ideas, inspirations, needs and nice-to-haves for the redone kitchen. Be ready to describe how you use your kitchen, including cooking styles, usage patterns and requirements.

Be Mindful of Costs

You can trim costs without sacrificing quality, practicality or functionality. Carefully consider the organization of your kitchen and what can be done to improve it. Ask your contractor for cost-saving options and consider whether you really need the higher-end features you may be considering.

Don’t Commit Common Mistakes

  • Unless you’re a skilled builder yourself, don’t take on your own renovation project.
  • Get a signed contract between you and the contractor.
  • Provide enough detail and specifications to support accurate bidding.
  • Don’t pay for the renovation work in advance.
  • Limit mid-project changes or revisions.

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