What You Want in Your Home Remodeling Contract

signing remodeling contract, Newton, MassachusettsGetting it all in writing in your remodeling contract ensures that the finished product matches your plans and expectations.

At Sage Builders LLC, the contract is our commitment to excellence which all parties on the team sign on to. Verbal agreements and unspoken understandings can be the blueprint for unsatisfactory outcomes. Getting your remodeling contract right means everyone in the project is on the same page from the start.

Here’s what to look for in a well-balanced remodeling contract:

  • The contractor’s permanent contact information
  • A blueprint or other plan that visually depicts what the project will accomplish and how the finished product should appear
  • Start and completion dates for the remodeling
  • Agreed price and schedule of partial payments, if applicable
  • Complete specs for building materials and products used in the project. The more specific, the better. Brand names, model/serial number color and size should be included. Provisions should be specified for purchase of materials later in the project, who will approve, and allowances in the budget to pay for them.
  • Designated individual to apply for and pay for required permits
  • Information relating to insurance policies
  • Lien releases that protect the homeowner from liability for third-party claims of nonpayment
  • Outline of procedure for resolution of conflicts if there’s a dispute about the terms of the contract
  • Required information about your rights under the Federal Trade Commission’s Cooling Off Rule. This provides the homeowner a three-day period to cancel any contract signed outside the remodeler’s permanent business address.
  • Day-to-day work details governing access to the premises, care and precautions to prevent damage to the home, use of bathrooms and telephone, and cleanup and disposal of trash.

Sage Builders, LLC, provides superior renovations and additions for Boston area homeowners. Based on a creative design/build philosophy, we work with every client to craft a remodeling contract that serves as a template for a successful outcome.

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