Redesigning Your Home? Consider Incorporating Universal Design Features

Incorporating universal design features when redesigning your home is a smart move — you accommodate the present while making allowances for the future, too. Universal design takes into account the present-day needs of your family, as well as those that may come about as the family expands and ages.

redesigning your home-universal design features, Boston, Massachusetts
Sage Builders, Boston, Massachusetts

Physical requirements for comfortable living transform, as do aesthetic preferences. Sage Builders LLC integrates designs that adapt easily to change and the passage of time. Incorporating universal design ensures your home will always be the place you belong, no matter what the future brings.

Here are some basic considerations of the universal design philosophy:

  • No-step entrances. Climbing stairs is not required to enter the house or transit between major rooms.
  • Single story accommodations. All basic necessities of life — cooking, bathing, sleeping and recreation — can be made available on one level of the house without barriers such as stairs.
  • Wide doorways and halls for free movement. Door openings should be a minimum of 32 inches, standard wheelchair width. Hallways should be at least 36 inches wide. Adequate floor space should also be available for residents who need extra room for negotiating turns without being cramped.
  • Safety measures. Safety measures to prevent slips and falls are a benefit to all ages, not just the elderly. These include non-slip floors and grab bars in bathrooms and handholds along stairs.
  • Ample lighting for all vision levels. Abundant natural light is especially beneficial to vision as well as a natural mood elevator.
  • Long-term functionality. Lever-style door handles are superior to knobs, no matter what age the occupant. Rocker light switches are also more handy and easy to manipulate.

Sage Builders LLC is on the leading edge of evolving home design for all phases of life. Contact us for more about the universal design features you may want to consider when redesigning your home.

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