Practical, Green Ideas for Renovating the Porch

A porch renovation gives you the opportunity to revamp this area into a functional green space using sustainable materials and processes. Here are some ideas for renovating outdoor rooms and porches.

  • Use Green Materials: Take advantage of green materials when redoing your porch. Some of the more common choices of sustainable material for a porch renovation include bamboo, cork, wood, and linoleum. Linoleum provides a finish that looks like vinyl. Plastic and plastic-composite lumber provides a strong material that won’t rot or sustain damage from insects like wood. Aluminum is also a sturdy renovation material with an immunity to decay and damage.
  • Consider recycled material: In many cases, recycled material can be effectively used in a porch renovation. Bricks, wood, metal, and other material from demolished buildings can all be incorporated into an effective remodel. Check into local recycling cooperatives or retail outlets that may have material left over from larger projects.
  • Cover your porch: Include a roof over your porch to create a more comfortable and inviting space. With a roof, your porch can be usable even if the weather outside isn’t completely cooperative. A roof keeps away rain, snow, and excess heat from sunshine.
  • Install a walkway: An attractive walkway up to your porch will add significant visual appeal to the entire house. Add pathway lights along the walkway for safety and additional aesthetic charm.
  • Include greenery: Add green plants and vegetation to your renovated porch for the visual appeal and other benefits of greenery in a living space. Flowers and even vegetable plants can be effective as an addition to a porch renovation.

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