Is Renovating Your Home in Its Current Condition the Right Choice for Your Family?

When you decide to renovate your home, the project gives you two options for determining the size of the structure: either add on to your existing home or renovate within the existing footprint. As you evaluate renovating with the current footprint, consider how the following elements could affect your decision.

  • Cost: Renovating with the current footprint is usually considerably cheaper than a renovation that adds more space and expands the footprint. A renovation done within your home’s current space can cost as much as 50 percent less than one that adds more space.
  • Space needs: Your family’s space requirements can have a significant influence on whether it’s advisable to renovate with the current footprint. Homeowners who have or are expecting to have more children may be better served by expanding the home’s size. Older homeowners who have or expect no children, or whose children have grown up and moved out, could get plenty of benefit from a renovation using existing space.
  • Structural quality: If the structure of your home is in good condition, a renovation is a viable option to get what you want out of your current house. However, if the current structure is not in the best shape or not up to code, a renovation may not go as planned and may prove more costly that what it’s worth.
  • Location: Location, location, location. If your needs are outgrowing your house, but you love the location, consider a renovation. It could provide you and your family with your dream home in your dream location.

In the case of sustainable remodel, homeowners should consider renovations such as recycled materials for ceilings, floors, and walls. Skylights and windows, often found in kitchens and living rooms, provide homeowners with enhanced natural lighting which also proves beneficial for connecting inhabitants outdoors, naturally warming rooms with solar energy, and reducing energy waste.

Homeowners are also encouraged to research the ROI of green enhancements to their home. Such home improvements can include a new roof — or green roof –with materials that deter heat absorption, manage stormwater runoff, and an improved quality of life.

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