An Energy-Efficient Home Is as Good as the Design/Build Team

An energy-efficient home is an asset to the homeowner, the community and the planet. Sage Builders LLC builds in efficiency from concept to project completion.

Our design/build philosophy lends itself to incorporating the latest technology to save energy while enhancing comfort and quality of life. Every energy-efficient home is a joint effort between our designers, material manufacturers and the homeowners occupying the finished product.

energy-efficient home
Sage Builders LLC, Boston, Massachusetts

Here are some of the ways we conceptualize “building green,” then put it into reality for our clients:

  • Based on your concerns and needs for the remodel, we customize a design/build team to balance energy and environmental issues with aesthetics and comfort.
  • We evaluate your existing structure and use technology and the accumulated expertise of our team to quantify your home’s current energy status quo. We’ll also analyze the performance and comfort capacity of existing HVAC equipment.
  • We exploit any and all opportunities for improvement that may arise during the remodel, from no-brainers such as caulking air leaks and upgrading insulation to recommendations to bring outmoded heating, cooling and ventilation systems into the 21st century. Our working goal is to improve energy savings by as much as 50 percent over a new home built to current standards.
  • In areas where other countries exceed American benchmarks for energy efficiency and green construction, we’ll consult European criteria such as the Passive House standard and explore renewable energy opportunities like solar and geothermal.
  • We’re meticulous about staying up to speed on the latest opportunities for cost savings, including federal and local tax credits, rebates, upgrade incentives and special financing accessible to the homeowner.

Sage Builders LLC is energy-conscious, comfort-oriented and aesthetic-minded. Let us show you how we can blend all three into an energy-efficient home remodel that supports your values and priorities.

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