Coffered Ceilings Add a Touch of Tradition to Any Architectural Design

If you’re looking to add a touch of tradition to your remodeling project, Sage Builders LLC can help you explore a world of creative design opportunities, including coffered ceilings.

Derived from the French word for “box,” a coffered ceiling is a grid of crossbeams overlaying the ceiling in square, octagonal or rectangular patterns, enhanced by the addition of trim, molding and motifs. You’ve likely seen them in classic residential designs and ornate theaters.

coffered ceilings, Boston, Massachusetts
Sage Builders, Boston, Massachusetts

While it looks like the painstaking work of a master craftsmen, coffering is actually a clever variant of a suspended ceiling added over the existing surface. Coffering instantly converts the featureless, two-dimensional ceiling into a 3-D statement that contributes depth and variation to a living space.

Some of the other benefits of incorporating a coffered ceiling in your remodel include:

  • The geometry of coffering adds a sense of overhead structure and visual presence to a living space, complementing the decor and the furniture selections at floor level.
  • The grid provides an impression of perspective that offers expanded options for creative colors to increase the perception of depth.
  • Ceiling light fixtures framed in the grids gain emphasis and evolve from the merely utilitarian to a design opportunity that adds interest to a room.
  • The interior of beams constituting the grid serve other practical purposes as enclosures for ductwork, channels for electrical and A/V cables and a mount for recessed lighting.
  • Coffering a ceiling enhances the acoustics of a room by reducing reverb that distorts sound. It makes an excellent addition to a remodel that incorporates a home theater or entertainment room.

Sage Builders LLC adds an efficient design/build approach to remodeling in Boston. Consider a coffered ceiling as one of many creative options on the table when you plan your project with us.

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