When Is the Best Time for Various Home Renovations? It Depends

The timing of a home renovation project often coincides, by necessity, with when the homeowner has the resources available to hire a contractor and proceed with the task. There are, however, certain periods during the year that are the best time for home renovations of a particular type.

home renovationsSpring Renovations

After a long winter, spring gives you the opportunity and perhaps the motivation to work on exterior projects. Painting, staining and similar projects can be done. Deck additions let you get ready for summer entertaining. Doors and windows can be replaced without worrying about the weather being too cold.

Summer Renovations

During the summer, you can concentrate on renovations that will support activities that are more likely to occur in the fall. Use the summer season as a time for finishing basements or attics, creating game rooms, or renovating television and media rooms that will get more use in the fall and winter.

Fall Renovations

Fall renovations should, in general, concentrate on projects that help get your home ready for another winter. This can include sealing and insulating projects to improve energy efficiency. The cool, comfortable weather of fall can support a few days of outside grilling while a kitchen renovation is underway.

Winter Renovations

Winter is a good time to concentrate inside the home, on bathroom renovations and the like. With children in school or away in college, there’s less demand for bathrooms, which makes it easier for contractors to get in and out and complete the project quickly.

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