Considering a Basement Renovation? 6 Ideas for How to Use the Space

A basement renovation gives you the opportunity to create a new functional space for you and your family. Whether you want to use it for entertainment or a more practical purpose, a basement renovation can easily take on one of the following six forms.

Basement Renovation
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  • Home office – A basement can be the perfect place to start your own business and put in your home office. Make sure it has plenty of electrical outlets for office equipment and space for necessary furniture.
  • Guest room – A basement can easily serve as a comfortable, spacious guest room for visiting family and friends. Ensure appropriate windows, entrances, and bathroom facilities are installed.
  • Personal gym: An open basement plan can provide a place to install a home gym with all the workout equipment you need to maintain your physical fitness.
  • Home theater and media room: Turn the basement into a home theater and media room and you’ll have a comfortable place to watch your favorite movies and television shows, listen to the music you love, and play the video games that get your adrenaline pumping.
  • Home wine cellar: Convert the basement to a home wine cellar to hold your favorite vintages. Consider adding temperature controls or other features if needed.
  • Income-generating apartment: By adding features such as a kitchen and ensuring that the space meets all relevant local building codes, you can turn it into a small apartment that you can rent out for extra income. This works especially well in areas with large populations of college students.

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